The Best Mail Merge Tool for Gmail

  • Send mass emails with Gmail
  • Reach the inbox, not spam
  • Track results in real-time from Google Sheets
  • The only mail merge Add-on that lets you send attachments for free


How do I send mass emails in Gmail?


Install the Mailman Add-on for Google Sheets

If you haven't already, install the Mailman Add-on with the link above.


Launch the Add-on

Launch the Add-on.

Add-ons -> Mailman -> Start Mail Merge


Create your mailing list in Google Sheets

Click the "Insert starter sheet" button.

The data in the new Sheet will be used to personalize your message.


Create your email template

Launch the Add-on again and click "Create new template" in the dropdown menu.

{{placeholders}} will be replaced with the data in your Sheet.


Send your emails

Send a test one to yourself.

Once you're satisfied, send emails to your entire list.